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Welcome to Lily Pad at Metro Park, a community focused on helping young children develop to their highest potential in a warm, caring, and supportive environment. From the belief that a close relationship between the children, parents, teachers, and administration is vital to children’s development to Lily Pad’s play-based curriculum which offers numerous and varied opportunities for children to explore, question, discover, and succeed, the center’s program provides a caring and stimulating environment where every child may grow as an individual.

We invite you to explore our website, learn about Lily Pad’s philosophy and goals, and look through our offerings. Whether you are searching for a program to nurture your very young child or a stimulating classroom environment for your preschooler, please take time to carefully read through our website, become acquainted with our philosophy, and learn the details about our programs. We look forward to meeting you soon and telling you more about Lily Pad.

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Our Full-Day Program

Lily Pad at Metro Park has lessons ideal for children from zero months to five years old. At each age level, our teachers provides a wide variety of activities designed to improve preschoolers’ emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development.

Our Hours

Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

We are closed for all federal holidays

For 16 month old and Above

In these classrooms, teachers nurture each child’s talents while providing a balance of the following:

  • Circle Time and Project Time
  • Center or Choice Time
  • Small and Large Group Instruction
  • Art, Music and Dance
  • Story Time and Dress Up Time
  • Outside Play, Water Play and Nature Walks

Our Playground

We believe that time spent playing outdoors is essential to a child’s development. Our outdoor playground is where children can expend their creative energy and develop motor skills by running, climbing, and exploring.

Encouraging Healthy Eating

Another aspect of the Lily Pad at Metro Park program is developing good nutritional habits as children learn to socialize during mealtime. Snacks and other food, provided by parents for their little ones, are seen as important opportunities for conversation and positive interactions with others.

An Allergy-Aware School

Please note that our daycare center may accommodate children with allergies. Snacks that have peanuts or peanut products are not permitted.

  • For infants and toddlers zero months to sixteen months
  • Teacher-child ratio 1:4
  • Polliwog Schedule
  • For children 16-30 months
  • Teacher-child ratio 1:5
  • Dragonfly Schedule
  • For children 2.5 to 3.5 years old
  • Teacher-child ratio 1:8
  • Duckling Schedule
  • For 3.5 to kindergarten
  • Teacher-child ratio 1:10
  • Grasshopper Schedule
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Connect With Us

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